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In Marie Cecile Thijs’ latest series ‘Green Scenes’ she constitutes a clear new direction, working towards abstract images and experimenting with new techniques including moving images. Imagine a parallel world where our planet has been transformed into a green sphere. A planet on which there is less place for human intervention. Society has adapted to this alternate reality where animals and plants have regained control, having conquered space and time. Marie Cecile Thijs shows glimpses of alternate universes; real enough to be within our grasps but also fleeting like in a dream. Futuristic or historic, surreal or fantastical, no solution is finite and remains open to the spectator’s interpretations.

Works by Marie Cecile Thijs are included in the collections of Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Richmond, the National Museum of History and Art Luxembourg.